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Welcome to the Nuclear Hamsters website.
Were a social, friendly guild. We are becoming increasingly more involved with the raiding side of the game and are currently 8/8 DS normal.

Have Fun And Enjoy!

Any questions ask one of the officers in game.
e.g.Bog, Lp, Darkono, Saffyre, Ayveno etc.
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Other Guild News

Guild Chat-up line of the week

saffyre, Jul 8, 12 9:59 PM.
This week's quote was from our beloved Arkrus

Arkrus to Saffyre: "I'm a sort of fireman"

Saffyre: "you are?"

Arkrus: "Yeah well I've got me own hose"

Yet another inappropriate yet genius nugget of impropriety from our very own Stuey

Madness on Madness

darkono, Jun 7, 12 5:54 PM.
Today was the day that Nuclear hamsters unleashed their Madness at being stuck in DS on the Madness of Deathwing.
Such a glorious day and any member is welcome to bask in the glory of my title.

Peace out and much loves



saffyre, May 30, 12 6:15 PM.
Today heralded an announcement from one of our most esteemed guild members, Arkrus. He plans to have his back, sack and crack waxed. After many pleas for other guildies to perform this for him, he has decided Immac is the way forward. He also likes to listen to Boyz II men whilst making love.

Dragon Soul Progress

darkono, May 20, 12 11:54 AM.
Nuclear Hamsters defeated Madness of Deathwing
Nuclear Hamsters defeated Spine of Deathwing
Nuclear Hamsters defeated Warmaster Blackhorn
Nuclear Hamsters defeated Ultraxion

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